Year of Establishment: 1989

Departmental e-mail ID: juriacollege.mathematics@gmail.com

Programs Offered: UG: TDC Arts (Regular)                               

Number of Seats: B.A. (Regular): 50

Selection Procedure: On the basis of merit and interview on the day of admission.

Brief History :

The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1989 along with the establishment of Juria College. Juria College was intended to cover a vast area having mostly uneducated or undereducated population. The educational environment of this locality was in such a measurable condition that hardly few students pass out H.S.L.C. Examination per year from the entire region. Out of those passed out students, only few of them can think to pursue their further studies in colleges. The remaining students finishes their academic career at H.S.L.C. level. This happens due to various reasons. Firstly, the guardians of the students cannot afford the expenditure needed for further studies of their children due to their measurable economic condition. Secondly, there were no nearby colleges to pursue higher studies from home. Thirdly, most of the guardians are uneducated or undereducated to visualize the future of their Children. Hence the establishment of Juria College was need of the hour and a milestone for creating an educational environment in the entire region. Establishment of a science College in this locality is still a far dream for us. So, the educationists, who initiate the establishment of Juria College give a little bit more thought and decided that, without establishing a science degree college, we can graduate the students having equivalent weightage of science graduate by opening the Department of Mathematics along with other arts departments in Juria College. These visionaries of those respected personalities like Haji Md. Abdur Rouf sir, Fazlul Hoque Moral sir and some other dignitaries give birth to department of Mathematics in Juria College. The department also got government concurrence along with other departments of Juria College in 1998.

Before appointment of the following permanent a faculties, some teachers like Ekramul Hussain etc. join the college and helped the department for managing the classes. The list of permanent appointments in the department of Mathematics is as mentioned below.


1.     Md. Sattar Ahmed, M.Sc.


Date of Appointment


Date of Resignation


2.     Mustafa Ahmed, M.Sc. , M. Phil.


Date of Appointment


Date of Regularization


Date of Provincialization

 01-01-2013 .

3.     Dr. Albin Mostaque Ahmed M.Sc (Math), M.Sc (Bioinfo), Ph.D (UCD, Ireland)


Date of Appointment

 – 16-09-1998

Date of Regularization


Date of Provincialization- 01-01-2013


4.     Md. Mazibur Rahman M.Sc.


Date of Appointment


Date of Resignation



Md. Sattar Ahmed left the job is as he got position in Meghalaya. Moreover Md. Mazibur Rahman left the job to join active politics, Later on Md Mazibur Rahman became MLA of Rupahihat constituency. Till then the department is running with two faculties. In between Dr. Albin Mostaque Ahmed was in lien leave from 2007 to 2012 for his higher studies abroad in Ireland. Dr. Ahmed pursued his doctoral degree from a world class university (UCD, Ireland) in Ireland. He joined the college again in 2013. Presently two faculties are working in the college and both are working in govt. sanctioned regular post.

Strength of the Department :

Following are the strength of the department of Mathematics.

  • Highly educated and well-trained faculties.
  • Multidisciplinary ability of the faculties of the department.
  • Capability to maintain multidisciplinary project works.
  • Completion of one project of Rs. 8.00 lakh from department of biotechnology, govt. of India.
  • Faculty having qualification from world class university such as University College Dublin, Ireland (world ranking <200).
  • The Department have collaboration with many national Institutes like Andhra University, Bishakhapattanam, Thakur College of Science and commerce, Mumbai etc.
  • Capabilities of the faculties for human resource sharing in multidisciplinary areas with premiere institutes of the locality, Like Nowgong College (Autonomous) for teaching bioinformatics at M.Sc level.
  • Have separate departmental room with necessary furniture.
  • Have a departmental library.

Weakness of the Department :

Followings are the weakness of the department.

  • Insufficient faculties to run a major course along with regular course.
  • Less number of enrolments as the department is part of an arts college.
  • No computer laboratory or facilities for teaching the course such as computer programming.
  • No internet facility in the department.

Opportunities of the Department :

  • The department may play a vital leading role in opening the science stream in the college.
  • Major course in Mathematics and Post-Graduation in Mathematics may be initiated with increase in number of faculties.
  • School teachers of the locality may be well trained to teach Mathematics with the help of the department. A Bioinformatics information Centre may be initiated with the help of the department.
  • Other Mathematics related courses such as computer Programming course may be initiated with sufficient computers laboratory facilities.

Challenges : 

  • The major challenge for the department is less number of faculties in the department.
  • Student enrollment is another big challenge for the department. Juria College being a college of arts stream, very few number of students opt. for Mathematics. Moreover due to lack of schools in the locality with science stream or Mathematics in H.S level very scanty student enrollment is observed in the department. Math phobia of the students is another challenge for the department.
  • Due to lack of necessary computer lab facilities, the department is not able to teach and demonstrate computer related courses to the students.

Analysis of the Department :

  • The department started and run with scanty of students from the beginning. This is mainly due to the fact that the feeder schools in the locality are not producing enough students to enroll in degree Mathematics. So it is in need of the hour to boost the schools of the locality for producing students with Mathematics as a subject. For the purpose we need resource sharing by two ways. First one is by physically teaching the students in their respective schools and another one is by providing training to the mathematics faculties of the schools of the locality. Both the practice has already been initiated by the department but the output is still not satisfactory. Due to limited number of faculty in the department it is quite impossible to practice the above-mentioned procedure sustainable. Sometime the faculties are also engaged in various other government jobs like NRC, Gunostsav etc.
  • For better enrollment and performance of the students the department is proposing to start bridge course, so that the students can Brush up their previous Mathematics to start up with the present Mathematics in Degree level

Future Plan:

  • The department has a plan to introduce major course at undergraduate level with the increase in number of faculties.
  • The department also has a plan to introduce post graduate course immediate after availability of sufficient faculties in the department.
  • The department has a plan to play a leading role for introducing science stream in the college.
  • The department has a plan to introduce Bio-informatics Information Centre under the guidance of Dr. Albin Mostaque Ahmed, with the availability of needed fund and facilities.
  • The department have a plan to run a computer programming center with the availability of computer lab facility in the department

Faculty members: Department of Mathematics

Dr. Albin Mostaque Ahmed