Year of Establishment: 1989

Departmental e-mail ID: jcassamese@gmail.com

Programs Offered:  UG: TDC Arts (Honours)

UG: TDC Arts (Regular)

UG: TDC Arts Elective Education (Regular)

Number of Seats:     UG: TDC (Honours): 50

Brief History :

Department of Assamese was rooted with the College origin. The department of Assamese also run Education Second Language simultaneously from very beginning.

The Department was Established in the year 1989 when other Department were had appointed following faculty members in the Assamese Department.

Sl. No.


Date of joining


Sri Lakheswar Kakoti



Md. Sowkat Ali



Podum Kakoti



Hafiz Uddin Ahmed



Promud kumar nath


Present Faculty of the Department:-
Sl. No. Name Date of Joining Professional Qualification
1 Manisha Saikia 17/10/1992
2 Haji Md. Badrul Haque 18/08/2000 NET
3 Nibha Bhuyan 21/05/2003 Ph D
4 Pranjumoni Saikia 22/08/2005 Ph D
5 Jesmina Ahmed 02/01/2006 SLET

With the web of time and various circumstances Sl. no. 1 to 5 faculty members were shifted to various other educational institutions. For their dedication and hard work Department received govt. concurrence in the year 1997. The department is affiliated to and run by the Gauhati University.

The College was provincialized from first January, 2013

Objective :

To attract all the students towards Assamese Language, Literature and Culture. To become expertise in Assamese Language and to secure knowledge of language, literature and culture and to share the wealth of knowledge and to publish to various books to strengthening Assamese literature.

Strength of the Department :

At present there are five faculty members are functioning In the Department. The department is running with Major, General and advance Assamese Curriculum. The hard work and dedication of these five faculty members the department is become the sole department of the College.

Departmental Library:

Assamese Department established itself a Departmental Library in the year 2020 with 40 nos. of books. At present department has well equipped with 1011 nos. of Books and Journals. Department has maintained its own Accession Register to keep record of the books and journals. Department also facilitated students to borrow books from library and for that purpose we maintain separate book issue register. We also provide reading facility to the students.

Departmental Wall-Magazine and Photo Gallery:

Assamese Department arranged a wall- Magazine for publishing selected articles written by the Departmental students in the year 2021and also arrange a photo Gallery where all the Photos of Main Events / activities of Assamese Department display there.

Weakness :
  • Our teacher student ratio is not satisfactorily for healthy class performance, especially for Regular Students.
  • Rural based college, bad communication condition, poor economic backgrounds of the student are some weaknesses to the department.
  • Lack of Departmental library and sufficient classroom.
  • One post of Assistant professor left as venture yet.

Mother Language played a vital role for mental development and to acquire knowledge. In this regards Assamese department playing a vital role and provide opportunities to the students communities.


A huge number of enrolment in the department of Assamese. Number of teachers are less in teachers-students ratio. There is no well-equipped class room to take classes for approximately 300 students. On the other hand, it has become a great challenge for us to solve one to all personal problems.

Future Plan :

To establish permanent class room, introduce P.G course in the department is a significant future plan. To development of language & literature in rural area by Workshop & Awareness.

Faculty members: Department of Education

Haji Md. Badrul Haque (HoD)

Manisha Saikia Kalita

Dr. Nibha Bhuyan

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